Lions Deal Product Videos

Lions Deal is an online restaurant and kitchen wholesale provider. This is one of many product videos I’ve done and continue to create for Lions Deal.

Shrout Family Chiropractic – Understanding the Float Pod

Dr. Melissa Shrout informs her audience on the benefits of the sensory deprivation float pod experience.

How to Rank Your Content on Google Faster

Produced by Ryan Matlock with Josh Fechter, this video will explain 3 tactics you need to improve your content rating with Google.

Praxis: Homeschoolers and College

Why do so many homeschoolers think college is the next step? Homeschooler Ryan Matlock returns with a new video! “Homeschoolers are impressive, they know what they want out of their education and have an intrinsic desire to learn and do more.”

Growth Hacking Strategies: How to Acquire 100K Users with Justin Wu

Fireside chat with Justin Wu, Founder and Growth Engineer at, and Josh Fechter, Growth Evangelist at Autopilot. In this interview, you’ll learn how to develop your personal brand and scale your business using growth strategies and hacking. He’ll teach you the framework he used to grow companies to $1M ARR in the first year. You’ll also learn how to scale traffic using automation, scaling engagement using automation, and more.

This is Insights

Insights is a visual way to know what’s converting at every step of your customer journey. Offered with Autopilot software, Insights allows you to get a bird’s eye view of aggregate performance over time. Keep track of total emails delivered, opened, and clicked, as well as contacts who have converted or unsubscribed.

Growth Marketing Conference Interviews

Growth Marketing Conference is the only actionable, hands-on educational event dedicated to the most important business issue today – growth. At GMC, you learn how to supercharge your company’s growth through strategies that improve your marketing automation, lead generation, digital marketing, and more.

Sages of Darkness Kickstarter – Brock Eastman

This video was produced for Brock Eastman’s Kickstarter to raise funds for Sages of Darkness Book Series. It led to the project being chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick, and was fully funded on October 16, 2014.