I Missed a Day.

Well guys, it happened. Yesterday was the first day of my resolution to do daily content in which I didn’t release something.

I could make an excuse.

-I needed to record a podcast episode
-My computer died while I was working at Starbucks and I forgot my charger
-I was worn out from filming all day
-I finished the tutorial for today, but it’s still rendering.

These are all true. But I won’t make an excuse. Monkey wrenches come with the territory of a resolution. Eventually, they jam up the works. What matters is to use those monkey wrenches to your advantage.

Do you turn those complications into weaknesses, or into stepping stones for future success?

Did I miss a day this week? Or did I gain content to use for next week?

Do I have time being eaten up while the video finishes rendering? Or do I have time to edit Monday’s photo while I wait?

This is how you keep your New Year’s resolutions. Know that you can’t. There will come a day that you forget to run, or that you can’t make it to the gym, or that you don’t reach your goal. But that day isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of having the choice to continue going even when you aren’t perfect.

And hey, this technically counts as a tutorial for success, so HA! I DID release a tutorial for Thursday (Even if I posted it Friday. I count it.)

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