My Sincerest Apologies (And Update)

Ryan Matlock

Greetings, classy people!

I’ve been severely un-classy. You haven’t had a video or a podcast for a good 4 months. I’m sad to say that a few of you decided to stop pledging, which I don’t blame you one bit for.

I’ve been severely un-classy. 

It’s been crazy moving home, buying a car, and settling into my new job and life back in Indiana. I’ve been focusing on freelance gigs for the last few months in order to cover the expenses I incurred for my car and the move.

But again, in all that time I haven’t released a single video or podcast.

Welp, get ready for a hurricane of both, and more.


Because starting this week, daily content begins releasing.


And not just any content. You can expect:

MONDAY: Photo of the Day
TUESDAY: Blog Article
WEDNESDAY: Podcast Episode
THURSDAY: Video Tutorial or Blog Tutorial
FRIDAY: EntrePUNeur YouTube video


Say what?


That’s right. Aside from holiday/vacation weeks, I’ll be releasing DAILY content in one form or another. Though I’ve been absent for the past few months, I have been building up content in reserve in order to ensure that I can release on a weekly basis.

I hope to make up for my absence and make it up to the people who have been supporting me without seeing any return while I’ve gone through this transitional period of my life. I hope you’ll forgive me for the time I wasn’t available, and I hope you enjoy what I’m getting ready to release to you all.

Now, I will add a disclaimer: Life gets crazy. Things happen suddenly, and I know that 2018 won’t be devoid of that. There will be delays and days without content, I’m sure. But know that I’m dedicated to minimizing that.

As such, comment below on suggested funny punishments I ought to have when I miss a day. Push-ups? Tabasco shots? You decide. At least I won’t go unpunished.

I have so many blog articles, beautiful photos, and videos/podcasts to share with you all. 2018 is going to be fun, and I’m really looking forward to it all.

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