Growth Hacking and Hustling at Autopilot

Autopilot, Automate Customer Journeys - Growth HackingThrough the Praxis Apprenticeship program, I’ve been placed at Autopilot to work as an apprentice until August. Only a month has gone by, and I’ve already learned a lot, from growth hacking, to being adaptable, to doing things right.

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is a marketing software company that helps it’s customers automate their marketing and create amazing customer journeys. This means automating email, SMS, and other communication so that they are tailored to helping the customer.

So how do I fit in?

What do I, a video producer do to create value for a software company?


My job description is simple: Make cool content.


As a welcome to Autopilot, I was taken skydiving. We got to film the whole thing and make a pretty nice video!

Oh yeah, and the skydiving itself was cool too.

What have I learned?

How To Do Things Right

One of my goals for pursuing an apprenticeship was learning how best to work as a videographer/content marketer in an actual business setting.

Previously, any of my filming/recording was done in a soundproof room with a shotgun mic and a Nikon Camera. That equipment works great for that setting. However, when recording in an office or at an event, that equipment just doesn’t cut it. There has been a lot of freedom to purchase what is required for good quality, which is why we’ve picked up Lapel Mics, HD webcams, and a Canon 70D DSLR.

Learning how to use the new equipment and adapt to change quickly has been very helpful and character building.

Growth Hacking

I work closely with Josh Fechter, who is one of the top growth hackers in San Francisco. Before coming to San Francisco, I had never heard the term “growth hacking” before. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming at first, and I was uncertain of how to approach it.

After paying attention and doing my homework, I learned that growth hacking is innovative marketing. Anyone can pick up a “For Dummies” book on marketing and learn how to do basic marketing. But growth hacking is about coming up with your own tricks. Looking at the systems available to you and learning how to use them better.


First Month? Owned it.

It was a great first month. With 10+ videos and 7 Live Streams produced, it gets even better when you realize two things:

  1. These videos are often over 40 minutes long (content GALORE!)
  2. This is only the beginning.

We have big plans going forward. Incredible ideas that are in the beginning stages of development. I can’t wait to share them with the world.


Ryan Matlock is a creative content producer; passionate about helping people succeed, telling amazing stories, and innovating entertainment.

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