How to Live Stream to Facebook Groups

Facebook Live Stream - Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are phenomenal! Rather than building a fan base as you do with pages, you are able to build a community, which is far more collaborative and inviting.

The Live Stream

One incredibly lucrative and essential function that Facebook offers is not available in Facebook Groups, and that’s live streaming.

For pages, setting up a live stream is incredibly simple because they have

How to Set Up Live Streams with a Facebook Group

OBS Software

First, download OBS software if you don’t already have it. Set up your OBS software with the necessary video and audio sources before you begin live streaming. You can’t live stream with a blank canvas after all.

You’ll need to make sure to set up your stream with at least one video capture and one audio capture. If you forget either one, your audience will be at least a bit confused about why they can’t hear and/or see you.



Connecting to Facebook Groups

If you are unfamiliar with how live streaming software connects to Facebook, READ THIS FIRST.

Once you’ve finished the setting up your OBS canvas, the software needs a way to know how to communicate with Facebook, and Facebook needs a way to verify that the person attempting to stream is an authorized account user. This is where the stream key comes into play.

A stream key is like a secret code that Facebook gives you to put into your OBS software. The key both authorizes your software to stream to your Facebook account, as well as gives Facebook and the OBS software the information they need to communicate.

Unfortunately… Facebook itself doesn’t provide any way to obtain a stream key for Facebook groups. Only pages.

Enter Ian Anderson Gray

More commonly known as IAG, Ian developed a tool that allows you to generate a stream key for Facebook profiles, pages, and groups!

1. Go to this page on IAG’s website

2. Make sure to allow pop-ups


3. Scroll down to the blue “Broadcast on Facebook Live” button


4. Select the page you want to live stream on.






5. Transfer the stream URL and Stream Key to the necessary fields in your OBS software





Finally, begin your live stream. Have fun!

Ryan Matlock is a professional video producer with a passion for telling people’s stories and helping them succeed.

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    Great tutorial. Do you own it. You could market it. Do you have to get a patten or something?

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