1000 YouTube Subscribers in 20 Months

EntrePUNeur YouTube LogoOn the day I turned eighteen, I created a YouTube channel. I named it, “The EntrePUNeur”, and I had three rules.

1. Release videos weekly

2. Wear a bowtie and make a pun in every video

3. Innovate entertainment

Twenty months later, I’ve amassed a thousand subscribers. It’s been a long road, but I’ve learned plenty about content creation and brand building.


Lessons from YouTube


Consistency is Key

Gaining an audience means creating something people want to see. Lots of it, too. This applies whether it’s a YouTube channel, a blog, photography work, or otherwise.

The more you’ve produced, the more credible you are as a creator. You also cater to a wider audience the more you make.

By forcing myself to release content weekly, I’ve now reached 89 videos. It would take someone at least 6 hours to watch everything I’ve made.

Making videos every week also led me to branch out in my creative style. I’ve made vlogs, music videos, Q&As, skits, and plenty of other types of video. This provided something for everybody.


Your Niche Doesn’t Have to Hold You Back

I wear a bowtie and make puns in every video I release. But my subscribers are not only bow tie and pun-lovers. In fact, people who hate puns are some of my most loyal subscribers.


My videos also have a general theme of entertaining and educating at the same time.

Prime example: Fantastic Fridays. This show reviewed obscure holidays by discussing their origin, how to celebrate them, and overall what I thought about them. This entertained and educated at the same time.

Plenty of people enjoy learning, and everyone likes to be entertained. Making every video valuable aside from my niche ensures that my content gains as many followers as possible.


Your Content Doesn’t Suck

I hate every video I release. I publish each video to YouTube after over SIX hours of writing, filming, and editing. Imagine listening to the same song a million times, and that’s what it’s like once I finish a video.

At the beginning, I had intense anxiety posting my videos. I was sure everyone would hate them. It was just the opposite.

We’re all perfectionists. We don’t want to publish our writing until it’s perfect. Still need to touch up the graphic design before releasing it.

News flash: Nothing’s perfect. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” I learned from 20 months of YouTube that I’ll never be satisfied with my work. But that’s okay. I’m not subscribed to myself. My audience is who is waiting for a video.


Don’t Hold Back

I will have little time to comb this blog post and improve it before I post. Will I post it? Yes. That’s what editing later is for.

Anything worth doing in life will come with resistance. Uncertainty. Fear of failure. You can’t let inconsistency, your “niche”, or imperfection hold you back.

I used to hate it when grown-ups told me to “Try, try again”. But today I embrace it. I release content every week and even every day now that I blog. If I make a mistake, great! I can not do that next time. Did I use a preposition at the end of my sentence? Next time I’ll have that knowledge to work with.

Do you have dreams about your future? Invest in it. Do something today that will prepare you for tomorrow.

You won’t achieve success overnight. However, you might wake up twenty months from now with a notification that you reached a thousand subscribers. All you have to do is start.

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  1. Guitar Solo Reply

    Thanks Ryan, this was a helpful post. My sister and I just reached one subscriber on Friday. Maybe some day we’ll be as good as you. I have a question for you, why did you say (type) s*ck? That’s a bad word. Jk
    Guitar Solo

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